Beginner's Guide

Basic tools required to make wax seals:

1. Beeswax Candle

2. Melting Spoon

3. Wax Beads

4. Bounty towel or rag - I prefer using a rag as they can be used multiple times before you discard them. You can also use old cotton apparels that would otherwise be thrown out.

As you play around with wax sealing and starts making more wax seals, you will want to get the following to make your life easier:

4. Melting Stove - to hold onto your melting spoon so you don't have to

5. Reusable Ice Pack - this will quickly cool down both your wax and stamp, making it lightning fast to make multiple wax seals. 

6. Silicon Mat - this is a nice-to-have item for easy clean-up. It's also essential if you're making pre-made wax seal stamps.