About Us

Growing up as a creative individual, I was ecstatic to discover Etsy when it first launched. It provided me with the opportunity to sell my handcrafted items such as fabric coasters and mittens, custom pin back buttons and Japanese linen fabrics - an artist's dreamscape!

In January 2020, Wax + Seal came into fruition. Three years later in 2023, Chloe (11) and Harlan (10) officially joined our family business venture by assisting in processing orders - thus affirming Wax + Seals' image of being a true family-run enterprise.

Make your mark with Wax Plus Seal! Whether you're a small business owner, creative individual, or someone who enjoys crafting, this store has something for everyone. With unlimited possibilities and plenty of products to choose from, Wax Plus Seal is the perfect place to support your imaginative projects - wherever life takes you!



  • Wedding Invitations
  • Holiday Cards
  • Books
  • Romantic Letters
  • Keepsakes
  • Thinking Of You Cards 
  • & More!